The Key to a Successful Trade Show Appearance

The key to a successful trade show appearance.


Trade shows represent an investment of time, effort, and money, for all of which you want a good return on your investment. The point of a trade show appearance is to have as much interaction as possible with people attending the trade show and make a positive, lasting impression in the minds of the attendees, who are all your potential customers. To do this, your trade show diplays must be eye catching, attractive, welcoming, professional, and memorable, and your presentation must be better than your competitors.

For these reasons, quality thinking, planning, and strategizing must take place in the days and weeks prior to the actual trade show appearance. Think through the three stages of the trade show and what each stage entails; premarketing, marketing, and remarketing. Premarketing includes the strategy and design of your trade show booth, materials, and presentation, establishing clear goals regarding what you want your trade show appearance to accomplish and how these goals will be achieved. This stage is also where your materials and presentation will be designed and perfected. What will you include in your presentation? What materials will you hand out to prospective customers? What impression and vital information do you want these future customers to take away with them?

The marketing phase should be focused on ensuring that your trade show visitors have a good experience at your booth. Visitors should feel welcomed, comfortable, important to you without being overwhelmed by the pressure to buy or make a commitment at that moment. Listen to their conversation. Are they interested in learning more? If so, answer their questions, explaining how you can solve their problem, enhance their business, or make their life easier in some way. Set up a method of gathering their contact information that is comfortable for them, so that you can contact them after the show closes.

When the trade show is over, follow up within the first week with interested prospects. Trade shows are busy events, and often visitors gather lots of information from similar businesses. You want to stand out in the mind of your potential customers as the best choice for their business, so you need to establish a relationship as quickly as possible. Don’t assume they will remember you, or automatically choose you over your competition. If visitors are in the same geographical area, a face to face meeting is always best. Phone calls would be the second most effective method of contact and email the third. With an email campaign, you can provide customized content relevant to those who showed interest in your products or services at the trade show, following up your initial meeting with relevant content and a compelling message that can enhance the success of your marketing efforts.

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