Five Trade Show “Do’s”


When you invest a lot of precious time and money into a trade show appearance, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Although there is no one, single “magic bullet” thing you can do to positively assure trade show success, there are some things you definitely want to do, and some things you will most definitely want to avoid doing at your next trade show.

Here’s a quick reference list of five “definite Dos” for you to keep in mind when planning your next trade show appearance. Next month, we’ll cover the “definite Don’ts” for you.

Prepare ahead of time.

Don’t wait until the week of the trade show to let your clients and potential customers know you will be there. Send out announcements in client billing statements, do a direct mailing to current clientele inviting them to come and visit your booth during the show, advertise on your website and/or social media business page, and run ads close to the show date announcing your presence at the trade show, complete with booth number if you have it. Pick up the phone and call important business contacts one to two weeks prior to the trade show, and set up specific appointments to meet with them. This will prompt them to put you on their calendar, and result in face to face time that will help foster good business relationships, which can be extremely profitable for both parties.

Have a professional booth display.

You don’t have to have flashing lights to attract attention to your booth, but you should be professional in your product or service display. Invest in a quality presentation that makes prospects stop and take notice, in a good way! Dagmar Branding can provide you with a unique trade show display that will promote your brand effectively and professionally, and help your booth stand out from your competitors.

Bring brochures.

Prepare your promotional brochures and other literature several weeks before your trade show appearance, in case something needs to be changed or redone. Waiting until the last minute can spell disaster if you don’t leave enough time to change or correct something. If you opt to do your own printing instead of outsourcing to a professional printer, count the cost and compare which option will be the most cost effective before proceeding.

Have a giveaway.

Since your goal at any trade show is booth traffic, give people a reason to stop at your booth, even if it is just for a piece of chocolate or a novelty item. If you have something people want, they will stop. Once they stop at your booth, you have an opportunity to talk with each person. Consider a prize wheel or drawing a name from a hat for a popular prize, like today’s in-demand fidget spinners. These low-cost items are the perfect size for both adults and children alike, since they fit easily in a pocket. If you can brand it with your company logo, all the better.

Have a method of remembering contacts.

Whether you collect business cards or take a picture of them with your phone, have a way to take note of the people you interact with. If you have a prize drawing, that can be a great way to collect contact information, as long as you can read the person’s handwriting. If you do a giveaway, definitely jot down the winner’s contact information and reconnect with them within a week of the trade show closing.

For more information, call Dagmar Branding at (888) 353-1652 or (303) 738-3208, or email us at today. We can help you prepare for your next trade show appearance and make a powerful impression with branded booth displays and materials that will leave your visitors hungry for more information about you and your business.